When you are buying or selling a house, should you stretch your already tight budget to hire Naperville attorneys who practice real estate law? You are already paying a real estate agent a commission, either directly as the seller or indirectly as the buyer. The agent has some expertise in basic contracts, so why do you need to hire an attorney in routine matters?

The Greenberg Law Firm provides 3 reasons:

  • Some real estate transactions are straightforward, some are not. But as with any contract, there are many opportunities for unknown problems to arise and even to escalate. Any buyer or seller is wise to have an attorney review the contract, render advice and proceed through closing.
  • In matters involving bank-owned or short sale properties, estate properties, commercial properties, liens or judgments, and many others, a real estate lawyer is a must to protect your interests.
  • Contracts that seem uncomplicated can quickly turn ugly if either party changes their mind, questions the terms of the deal, wants to postpone the closing, or needs to cancel due to personal circumstances. Only an attorney can effectively present you with legal options for terminating the contract or enforcing it.

The best time to consult a real estate attorney is before you have signed the contract. The Greenberg Law Firm attorneys will review the proposed contract and advise whether it is in order. A lawyer can negotiate terms for you, deal with other contingencies, and collaborate with the title insurance company.

If you are buying or selling real estate, protect yourself from the unforeseen by contacting the Naperville attorneys at The Greenberg Law Firm. With over 100 years of collective legal experience, we can help navigate a commercial or personal real estate transaction for you.